ELL Listserv

Purpose: The Wisconsin ELL e-mail discussion list is designed to facilitate interactive electronic communication among educators serving English language learners and the department. It's an open list so anyone can subscribe!

TO SUBSCRIBE: Send an e-mail message to: join-elllist@lists.dpi.wi.gov. Leave the subject line blank and, in the body of the message, enter: subscribe ell Your Full Name (e.g., subscribe ell Jane Doe). TO SEND A MESSAGE, simply address it to: elllist@lists.dpi.wi.gov. Your message will then be sent to everyone subscribed to the list. (Note: Whether you use "reply" or "reply to all," your message will go to everyone on the list.) TO UNSUBSCRIBE, send an e-mail message to: leave-elllist@lists.dpi.wi.gov. In the body of the message (again leave the subject line blank), enter: unsubscribe ell.

If you ever need to get in contact with the owner of the list (e.g., you have trouble unsubscribing or have questions about the list), send an e-mail to: owner-elllist@lists.dpi.wi.gov.

For more information about Bilingual/ESL programs, contact Tolu Sanabria 608-267-9235 or Jacqueline Iribarren 608-266-7292. For more information on ELL Standards & Assessment, contact Audrey Lesondak 608-267-5153.