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Parental Notification Requirements under Title III-A, No Child Left Behind - for eligible entities (Consolidated and Consortia applications) receiving Title III-A funds.

WIDA Translations of Parent/Guardian ACCESS for ELLs Report®

OSEP Spanish Glossary Project
The U.S. Office of Special Education Programs has developed a glossary of terms in English which have been translated to Spanish as a way to improve the quality of materials and information available to families. While designed for special education programs, educators in other programs serving Spanish speakers may find it beneficial, as well.

Samples of letters to parents when a district or consortium missed Wisconsin's Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs) for English language proficiency:

English Hmong Spanish

Samples of letters to parents regarding ACCESS scores:

Appleton Area School District:
English Hmong Spanish

Samples of Home-School forms and letters in languages other than English:

Wausau School District Permission From Parents for Program Services (Exit) Form:
English Hmong Spanish

Wausau School District Student Home Language Surveys:
English Hmong Spanish

Wausau School District Field Trip/Conduct Permission Form:
English Hmong

Wausau School District Individual Student (ESL Program) Plan of Service:
English Hmong Spanish

Success for English Language Learners in the New Year

Consejos de lectura para padres

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